Lebanese Islamic Group Condemns Assassination of Pierre Gemayel

The Islamic Group in Lebanon condemned, in a statement, a copy of which was obtained by Ikhwanweb, the assassination of the Lebanese Minister of Industry, Pierre Amin Gemayel.

MB Chairman Sends Condolences to Amin Gemayel

The Muslim Brotherhood Chairman, Mr. Mohamed Mahdi Akef, sent a condolence letter to former Lebanese president, Amin Gemayel, after the assassination of his son, the Lebanese Industry Minister, Pierre Gemayel:

Rule Till Last Breath

The Egyptian President declared, before the new Parliamentary session, that he will lodge a bill for amending article 76 in the constitution that will place many obstacles before any one

Egypt: 9000 Students Join Free Students Union election

The Lawyers’ Syndicate hosted, on November 21, 2006, students from 12 universities all over Egypt, where the Free Student Union election was held earlier this month. The Syndicate witnessed the

MB’s Habib Criticizes Rose El Yousef over Misquote

MB First Deputy Chairman, Dr. Mohamed Habib, released a statement refuting claims published by the daily Rose El Yousef, in which the paper said that the Muslim Brotherhood depicted the

Researcher: Veil Issue Meant To Lead Us Off Egypt’s Political Ills

Researcher Dhia Rashwan of Al Ahram Centre For Political and Strategic Studies wrote to comment on the recent statements made by Egyptian Minister of Culture Farouk Hosni, saying that his