IIFSO condemns Al-Azhar student detentions

The International Islamic Federation of Student Organizations (IIFSO) denounced the latest arrest campaign that the Egyptian security services launched against Muslim Brotherhood students from Al-Azhar University within a series of

MB Deputy Chief, 139 Members Jailed 15 Days Pending Trial

The Higher State Security Prosecution jailed 140 Muslim Brotherhood members, topped by Engineer, Mohamed Khairat Al Shater, the MB second deputy chairman, and 30 leaders, 15 days pending investigation that

Judges’ Club Vows To Continue Reformist Agenda: Mekki

Daily Al Masry Al Youm had an all inclusive interview with judge Ahmed Mekki, the deputy chief justice of the Court of Cassation and a prominent figure in the Judges

Security Detained Azhar, Ignored Ain Shams: MB students

The Muslim Brotherhood students confirmed that the Egyptian security services that detained students under the pretext of rebelling against public order for exercising a sportive performance, are the same services

Survey: US Losing Arab Allies’ Hearts and Minds

Attitudes toward the United States reached new lows through most of the Arab world over the past year, according to the findings of a major new survey [.pdf] of five

Interview With Condoleezza Rice

U.S. Department of State transcript of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s interview with The Washington Post editorial board on Dec. 14, 2006, in Washington, D.C. QUESTION: Thank you very much