Al Shater, 15 MB leaders Detained 15 More Days Pending Trial

Again... Al Shater, 15 MB leaders detained 15 days pending trialThe Higher State Security Prosecution prolonged 16 Muslim Brotherhood leaders, topped by engineer Mohamed Khayrat Al Shater, the MB second

Police Raids Several Businesses Owned By MB Members In Cairo

Police forces raided several businesses owned by Muslim Brotherhood members in Cairo, in another episode of the latest crackdown by the Egyptian government.

Security Crackdown targets passing constitutional amendments

Dr. Abdel Moneim Abul Fotouh, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Executive Bureau member, said that the security crackdown aims at covering government’s ratifying constitutional amendments.

Tora cement: labor strike continues, hungerstrikers taken to hospital

The Tora Cement workers strike enters its fifth day, as negotiations continue with union leaders on their hospital beds. Mohamed Abdel Monsef, the union leader at the factory, together with

Kefaya Denounces MB Arrests

The security crackdown against Muslim Brotherhood leaders and student activists is the beginning for a wider crackdown on all forms of dissent in Egypt, Kefaya said today in a statement.

HRW to Egypt: Hold Police Accountable for Torture

The case of Emad Ali Kabeer, the Boulaq al-Dakrour driver who was sexually abused by police officers, is drawing more public attention.