Paving the Road to Hell

MEPHISTO, the demon who bought the soul of Faust in Goethe’s monumental drama, describes himself as "a part of that force which always wants the bad and always creates the

Bhutto Aftershock: Reality or Rhetoric

With the world still jolted by the assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, Americans are now facing the likelihood that a nuclear-armed Pakistan could be engulfed by civil

Reclaiming Democracy

We have descended a long way from stated ideals of the original proponents of democracy. The great march of freedom has been replaced by national and international political discourses consumed

The Power of Nightmares Part II

The Power of Nightmares continues its assessment of whether the threat from a hidden and organised terrorist network is an illusion. Part two, the Phantom Victory looks at how two

The Power of Nightmares – Part III

The Power of Nightmares assesses whether the threat from a hidden and organised terrorist network is an illusion. In the concluding part of the series, the programme explains how the

My heart bleeds for Pakistan

Six hours before she was executed, Mary, Queen of Scots wrote to her brother-in-law, Henry III of France: "...As for my son, I commend him to you in so far

Hamas wants pilgrims pass through Rafah, says temporary camps unacceptable

Hamas Movement on Sunday urged the Egyptian authorities to allow 2,400 Palestinian pilgrims cross into Gaza Strip through the Rafah terminal, asserting that sheltering those pilgrims in temporary camps would

Change and reform bloc warns of serious threat to the life of Haneyya

MP Yahya Moussa, the deputy head of Hamas-affiliated change and reform parliamentary bloc, warned that the legitimate PA premier Ismail Haneyya is vulnerable to great danger in light of serious

2 MB Members Arrested in Daqahlia

The Egyptian State Security Police stormed into the house of Mr. Al-Shathhat Al-Saeed Abdu, 60 years old, head of bureau of Mr. Tarek Qotb, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood

The Power of Nightmares – Part I, Part 2, Part 3

In the past our politicians offered us dreams of a better world. Now they promise to protect us from nightmares.