Don’t cry for me Mesopotamia: no tears for Saddam

Yet again, the Bush administration looks stupid exactly when it thinks it is being smart, or when it thinks it is being strategic in its actions. Saddam Husayn was not

Muslim Brotherhood to pursue legal political party status

The banned-but-tolerated Muslim Brotherhoods (MB) group stated in a press conference Wednesday afternoon that they intended to establish a licensed political party. During the same event, MB members promised to

All Hail the Veil?

The way Farouk Hosni was attacked for his comments on the veil, you would think Cairenes were uniformly in favor of the hijab. We hit the capital’s streets for an

Iraq: Islamic Party Sets Conditions to Join any New Political Bloc

Al Sameraie: Islamic Party Sets Conditions to Join any New Political Bloc Mr. Iyad Al Sameraie, the Iraqi member of parliament for Iraqi Accordance Front and Under-Secretary-General of the Iraqi Islamic

Between Regime’s Machiavellianism, MB’s Hesitation

Between Regime’s Machiavellianism, MB’s Hesitation… Anatomy of Al-Azhar Students Crisis  The ruling regime exploited the crisis that emerged from the trainings of the black hooded Muslim Brotherhood students in Al-Azhar

81 journalists killed – the deadliest year since 1994

In 2006- 81 journalists and 32 media assistants were killed- at least 871 were arrested- 1,472 physically attacked or threatened- 56 kidnapped- and 912 media outlets censoredIn

Al-Shater’s Health Deteriorates After Being Denied Medical Care

Doctors warned that the health of Khayrat Al-Shater, the Deputy Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood detained by Egyptian authorities, is deteriorating after being denied appopriate medical care inside the prison.

20 MB Detained from Egypt’s Sharqiya in Fierce Security Crackdown

The state security forces arrested, on Tuesday at dawn January, 2. 2007, 20 Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Sharqiya Governorate, after storming into their houses in an unjustified way for such

3 MB Leaders detained in Egypt’s Dakahlia

The state security forces in Mansoura arrested on Tuesday at dawn 3 Muslim Brotherhood leaders of the Dakahlia governorate, within framework of the unjustified crackdown that the Egyptian authorities are