Egypt cracks down on Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt’s regime is seizing upon a moment of regional chaos and U.S. inattention to crack down aggressively on the country’s most popular opposition group and shore up its hold on

Al-Erian: Current Detentions To Prevent MB From Shura Council Elections

The Egyptian regime’s promises of a political reform are mere illusions" said Dr. Essam El-Erian, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leader, commenting on the continuous sweeps of arrests against the group. El-Erian,

Islah:4th Conference Key Stop For Party Structure

The Yemeni Congregation for Reform (Islah) prepares for holding its fourth general conference this Feb. 24, an event which various media outlets shed light months before holding it. For his part,

Profiles of Dr. Essam Hashish, Hassan Malek

The following are profiles of figures transferred according to an unjust decision to the military tribunals by the autocratic regime of president Hosni Mubabrak.

What the West Can Learn From Islam

In late September, I finally received a response to the question I had been asking the Bush administration for more than two years: Why was my work visa revoked in