Hamad: USA has to change its policy

Ghazi Hamad, the PA government spokesman, has affirmed that the new national unity government would never pose as obstacle before PA chief Mahmoud Abbas’ political moves. He urged the USA,

Mubarak’s spring chill

The Egyptian president’s appetite for democratic reforms is fast dinimishing, writes Simon Tisdall Ostensibly building on limited political reforms enacted in 2005, Hosni Mubarak has proposed more than 30 constitutional

Joint Statement We Condemn Egyptian Regime’s Attack Against Opposition, Reject Military Tribunals

We, the undersigned, across political, intellectual and ideological spectrums, declare our outright rejection to the Egyptian regime’s oppressive decision of transferring dozens of leaders from the Muslim Brotherhood group to

Will the Quartet Recognize the Changed Palestinian Reality?

So far the Quartet response to the Palestinian Mecca agreement on 8 February 2007 has treated it much as the US treated a short-lived unity agreement last September. But both

Egyptian journalist defiant despite tough struggle

Egyptian writer and journalist Ibrahim Issa likens his role in his nine-year-old struggle with the authorities to that of Zorro or Robin Hood — a mischievous, resourceful folk hero who

The Constitutional Amendments… The Crisis …… The Amendment’s Challenges.

Maat’s Vision to The Coming Constitutional Amendments The constitution is regarded as the fundamental law of state and it is on the top of all its legal planning and has

Quest for identity in Egypt

The question whispered in the bazaars and cafes of Cairo these days is who will be the successor to President Hosni Mubarak. Mr. Mubarak, at 79, is said to be

MEP Calls MB Detentions “Scandal”

A member of the European parliament criticizes the Egyptian regime’s ongoing policy of detentions against Egyptian activists. The Vice-President of the European Parliament for democracy and human rights, Edward McMillan-Scott, criticized

People Voted For The MB and Gov’t Should Give Them Chance

Egyptian Actor Nour Al Sherif said that the history of the Muslim Brotherhood is clear and that it targeted in the past, only  occupiers. 

Egyption Policeman Referred to Military Court

Policeman Referred to Military Court Over Refusing to Guard Israeli Embassy in Cairo An Egyptian policeman has been referred to a military court because he refused to guard the Israeli embassy