Why have arrested our family caregivers?

We want our father, grandfather and our uncle back home ….Or throw us behind bars to enjoy their company You have arrested all our familyOur father…the beacon of hope .........Our grandfather…an

3 Sharqiya Brothers Arrested

The Egyptian regime arrested two brothers affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood. The two brothers: Mohamed Ibrahim Al Kordi (nicknamed: Adel Al Kordi) and his brother Hassan Ibrahim Al Kordi (nicknamed :

3 Released Among 18 Dismissed Students in Al-Azhar

Al-Azhar University dismissed, last Wednesday morning, 18 Muslim Brotherhood (MB) students, under allegation of hindering classes and spreading ideas that harm social peace and pose dangers to national security.

Egyptian Regime Imposes Travel Ban On MB Leader, Family

Muslim Brotherhood leader Ali Greisha has been added on the Egyptian travel ban list. The Egyptian authorities prevented counselor Dr. Ali Greisha and his family from traveling to Al Medina Al

Israeli Schemes For Displacing Jerusalem, Negev Palestinians

Israeli communist member of Knesset (MK), Dov Chanin, revealed that Tel Aviv is displacing tens of thousands of Palestinians to send them to other territories, calling on foreign embassies to

Message from Son of Detained Journalist Ahmed Ezzuddin

The following message was sent from Omar Ezzuddin, the son of journalist Ahmed Ezzuddin, who is currently jailed, and has been transferred to a military tribunal, pending the trial of some

Court Orders 13 Alexandria MBs released, Gov’t Apeals

Alexandria Court of Appeals, headed by chief judge Zakariya Wissa, acquitted on Thursday four Social Service Institute students, after the state security forces detained them from their houses and jailed

USA’s favorite Arab nation jails bloggers

[Could there be a better example of US double standards than the comparison between US foreign policy towards Egypt and towards Cuba?Egypt is the second largest recipient of US military

Heikal on Gamal Mubarak

A Western journalist who recently lunched with Mohamed Hassanein Heikal asked him about presidential succesion in Egypt, and what chances Jimmi had regarding inheriting the country’s rule from his dady:

On Supporting The Iraqi Resistance

Iraqi insurgents’ claim to be “fighting for the liberation of their country” is, according to Prime Minister Tony Blair, “a palpable lie.” Let’s leave aside for a moment the question