The US psychological torture system is finally on trial

America has deliberately driven hundreds, perhaps thousands, of prisoners insane. Now it is being held to account in a Miami court Something remarkable is going on in a Miami courtroom.

Debating the amendments

I am catching a plane to Rome in about 20 minutes and have just discovered that Cairo airport finally has free wi-fi. Because of my travels I probably won’t be

Egyptian Blogging on Trial

The trial of Egyptian blogger Kareem Amer, who is on trial for his writings criticizing Egypt’s al-Azhar religious authorities, Islam and President Husni Mubarak, resumes in his home town of

Interview With Dr. Abdel Monem Abul-Futouh

Dr. Abdel Monem Abul-Futouh is a genial, energetic man who looks to be about 60 years old.  The thick, dish-like lenses of his eye-glasses magnify his eyes and give him

No hope For Reform Under Current Egyptian Regime –Mekki

Counselor Ahmed Mekki launched a violent attack against the Egyptian regime and described it as a tyrannical state of police, and said : "There is no hope for reform, under

Court Hearing on Freezing MB Assets Adjourned Four Days

Cairo Criminal Court, headed by counselor Adel Abdul Salam Gomaah, adjourned hearing on the Attorney general’s decision to freez the assets of 29 of MB leaders, to February 28 The defense team described

Egypt: Wildcat strikes and protests continue

Strikes and protests by Egyptian workers in several industries have continued for several weeks. The strike movement began at several textile plants in December, before spreading along the belt of

Interview with Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

Hamza Yusuf was born in Washington State and grew up in Northern California, where he lives with his wife and five children. He converted to Islam in 1977 and spent

Statement by MB Leaders Referred to Military Tribunal

We are a group of university professors, businessmen and professionals who have been jailed pending investigations in the case No. 963 which was transferred to a military tribunal by the