Egypt hits back at U.S. over human rights

Two hypocritical governments, whose records in human rights are becoming increasingly one of the same, are now squabbling with one another… Egypt said on Saturday that the United States had

Evening Of Inspiration

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The MB in Egypt is blogging, Where Speech Isn’t Free

What’s most important is bringing attention to the fact that governments are blocking sites and denying access. The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is blogging, and that’ll probably lead to a

4 Tanta University Students Arrested On Charge of Belonging to MB

Egyptian security forces arrested 4 university students on charge of belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Justice Minister Refers Judges’ Club Board Member To Disciplinary Panel

Egyptian Justice Minister has referred a member of the Judges’ Club Board to a disciplinary panel. While the Egyptian Judges’ Club prepares for declaring its attitude towards president Mubarak’s proposed constitutional

A sour note for Egyptian elections

The outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, shaping up as the government’s one real political challenger, says a draft constitutional amendment allowing opponents to challenge Hosni Mubarak for president is so "ridiculous" that

Count the numbers and see: Islam and democracy do mix

Let no one deny that George Bush is an optimist. Even as Iraq descends further into the quagmire of civil war, the United States President is celebrating small victories. The

Egypt in the dock over tactics of police torturers

Dissidents tell of cattle prods, whips and beatings as Cairo rejects US criticism of abuses in Mubarak onslaught on opposition The man’s face crumples in agony and his screams grow

*Concepts and Objectives

It is essentially important to say that the Arab countries and societies are facing a very complicated and hard transitional phase, on one hand according the periodical reports of human

Profile of Some MB Detainees Referred To Military Courts (Salah Al Desouki and others)

The following are more profiles of Muslim Brotherhood iconic figures who have been referred to a military tribunal according to the unjust decision of the Egyptian dictator Mohamed Hosni Mubarak.