Protesters claim Egypt has become police state

Riot police and others in plain clothes fought protesters in Cairo’s central Tahrir [Liberation] Square this week as government opponents denounced constitutional amendments which they claim will turn Egypt into

Pharaoh’s Triangulation;America Should Be Wise to Mubarak’s Game

In recent days Egypt has witnessed dramatic but impotent protests against new changes to the constitution which both the democratic and Islamist opposition label as a strengthening of the police

Egypt: Proposed constitutional amendments greatest erosion of human rights in 26 years

Amnesty International today called on Egyptian members of parliament to reject proposed amendments to the country’s constitution, which the organisation described as the most serious undermining of human rights safeguards

Blogging for freedom

A report from Al-Jazeera International on MB detainees’ families blogging to make their voices heard…

Criminal Court Acquits Mansoura MB Detainees

Mansoura Criminal Court upheld the appeal lodged by three Muslim Brotherhood detainees against the 15-day provisional detention issued by the Higher State Security Prosecution. Mansoura Criminal Court- third district- upheld the

33 MB Students Dismissed in Mansoura University

Mansoura University dismissed 33 students from various faculties for a full month after investigating with them for performing the theatrical show "Congratulations on the son

The voice of the people

When working in strange lands, it’s always nice to make friends. And when life gets difficult, it’s good to know that our friends share our interests. Life has become very

Mansoura Detainees Moved To Natroun Prison

Despite the Mansoura Criminal Court ruling of acquitting three Muslim Brotherhood detainees, the three detainees were moved to Wadi Natroun prison.The security forces sent the deteinees who were acquitted on

Baathism on the Nile

In five days Egypt is scheduled to hold a national referendum on changes to its Constitution.  Even veteran Egyptian opposition figures, well versed in the regime’s authoritarian ways, have expressed

Bloggers & New Media [Part I]

Over the past few days I’ve managed to write (here and there) some of my reflections on the recent BBC debate I was able to take part in. Since the