State Security crack down on Mahalla labor activists

State Security cracked down today on Mahalla labor activists, banning them from travelling to Cairo to lobby their General Federation of Trade Unions to impeach their corrupt local union branch

Blogger Moneim detained

Bad news… Muslim Brotherhood blogojournalist and friend Abdel Moneim Mahmoud was detained by Mubarak’s Gestapo early Sunday 1am, at the Cairo International Airport… Egyptian Security forces arrested blogger and Ikhwanweb

State Security Rings Monofiya University, Detains 15 Students

State Security Police forces Monofiya besieged the complex of faculties and its gates. This siege was imposed due to an artistic festival which Muslim Brotherhood students

Blogger Abdul Moneim Mahmoud Jailed 15 Days

Egyptian blogger and Ikhwanweb journalist Abdul Moneim Mahmoud is jailed for 15 days pending investigations. Shubra Al Khaymah prosecution investigated with journalist and blogger Abdul Moneim Mahmoud after arresting on Sunday

Egyptian Crackdown Threatens Rights to Free Association, Expression

Egypt: End Campaign Against Labor Rights Group The Egyptian government should reverse its order to close two offices of the Center for Trade Union and Workers’ Services (CTUWS) and should

Bloggers Protest Arrests With Their Keyboards

Dozens of human rights activists and bloggers staged a demonstration Sunday in front of the Press Syndicate protesting at the continuous detentions and chases against fellow bloggers. The demonstrating bloggers considered

Katatny-Hoyer Meeting, Step in the Right Direction

Despite reservations from both sides, finally officials from the MB and the US had an opportunity to talk to each other directly when House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer met with

The Debate About The Moderate Muslim Brotherhood Continues

A lot has been said and published lately about the Muslim Brotherhood by western researchers, but by far "The Moderate Muslim Brotherhood" study published in Foreign Affairs by Steven Brooke

Defendants In Al Azhar Explosions Case Accuse Gov’t of Torture

Wives of the detainees pending investigations on Al-Azhar explosions lodged on Wednesday a complaint to counselor Abdul Magid Mahmoud, the attorney general, in which they confirmed that their husbands are

9 Mansoura University Students Dismissed

The Faculty of Commerce, Mansoura University, dismissed on Sunday 9 students after referring them to a disciplinary panel for performing the play "Congratulations on the son" and for their protests