MB Chairman Confirms Brotherhood’s Respect To Americans

Mohamed Mahdi Akef, chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, lashed out at the ruling of the Supreme Administrative Court of upholding the government appeal against the Administrative Court ruling against referring

Families of MB Detainees Question Court Transparency

The families of the Muslim Brotherhood detainees referred to a military tribunal criticized Sunday’s court ruling against the MB detainees. The Supreme Administrative Court, headed by judge Essamuddin Abdul Aziz, and membership

Defend Abdel Monem.. Defend Your Freedom

Abdel Monem Mahmoud, a young Egyptian remains in an Egyptian prison cell for no reason but his strong belief in his freedom. That freedom that is God’s greatest gift to

Arab pluralism requires a free, contentious media

Today’s Arab media is rife with paradox. Compared to only a decade ago, today’s Arab world enjoys a dizzying variety of television stations, newspapers and Internet sites. The news and

Free Monem … We will never be silenced !

Free Monem … We will never be silenced !By Astrubal -

Bahrain in transition, from blog to street

When Bahrain Online founder Ali Abdulemam and his partners were arrested in February 2005 for hosting a critical United Nations human-rights report about Bahrain, fittingly enough the first to respond

Belarus, Egypt Urged to Release Prisoners Before UN Rights Council Elections

Belarus and Egypt must release jailed opposition leaders, journalists and bloggers before Thursday’s elections for the UN’s top human rights body, said UN Watch, a human rights organization in Geneva,

Dr. Essam El Erian Baned From Travel To Attend Conference

The Egyptian authorities have prevented Dr. Essam Al- Arian, an influential member and leader in the Muslim Brotherhood group, from traveling to “ Oslo ” on Tuesday May 15, 2007

UN Urge Egypt to release Political Prisoners Before HR Council Election

In a press release by the United Nations, Egypt was urged to release opposition leaders, journalists and bloggers before Thursday’s elections for the UN’s top hum

Hi From Behind Bars of Tora Prison

I write my first blog from the Cairo-based Mahkum prison, where I have mixed feelings of injustice, imprisonment, and longing for freedom and friends and longing for the keyboard