Brotherhood, Independent MPs Reject Expelling Anwar Sadat

Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc and Independents bloc in the Egyptian People’s Assembly condemned that the House

Egypt’s blog rebels silenced by jail

A popular Egyptian blogger known for his withering criticisms of the government has given up writing after becoming the latest victim of a state crackdown on dissent.

Letter From Egypt: Rave (Islamic) reviews for Egyptian theater troupe

The Sanna Sharq theater company in Egypt draws crowds to its political plays flavored with sharp anti-American rhetoric.

A study on the Future of the MB: Five Potential Scenarios

A study on the future of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt expected the group to turn to the ’militarization’ style that is to become an isolated security group that stands

Mit Ghamr MB Candidate For Shura Elections Detained

The State Security Police in Mit Ghamr arrested Dr. Khaled Al Dib, the Muslim Brotherhood’s main candidate for the Shura Council elections, along with the other two substitute candidates, Hazem

Dakahlia MB Dies In Security Crackdown

A Muslim Brotherhood member was paid last respects on Saturday afternoon after he died during an Egyptian security sweep in his village

Political paradox

The amendment of Article 5 of the constitution seems to be triggering more controversy now than ever with many observers noting double standards in the way the government has been

Muslim World and the possibility of connectedness and cooperation

The history of relations between the Muslim World and the West started early and dates back to many centuries… there were tensions, interests, invasions, scientific, commercial and cultural ties… thus

More Detentions in Dakahlia, Sharqiya and Gharbiya

The security services in Gharbiya continue their escalation against Muslim Brotherhood candidates.

Monem Free

In a surprise decision, the High State Security Prosecutor ordered the release of MB blogger and journalist Abdel Monem Mahmoud, along ...