Shura Election Farce Over

Tanta: Officer Ayman Shahin stuffs ballots by himself   In the village of Al-Sheikh Salim, three committees were stuffed for the National

Era of Elections: More rigging and detainments

At the experimenta school for teachers in Husayniyah-Zagazig  that comprises of 71 committees to 76 Maged Al-Ashqar– first head of bureau of investigation-  expelled deputies and called names at the

Egyptian Voters Impeded In Opposition Strongholds

Egyptian security forces barred voters from entering polling centers in opposition areas Monday during the first national elections since the U.S.-backed government of President Hosni Mubarak pushed through constitutional changes

Quest for identity

The question whispered in the bazaars and cafes of Cairo these days is who will be the successor to President Hosni Mubarak. Mr. Mubarak, at 79, is said to be

Muslim Brotherhood Statement On Day of Shura Council Midterm Elections June, 11, 2007

After the respected Egyptian court ruling of overturning decisions of striking off candidates for using Islamic slogans to which we are sticking, confirming that we will continue our way towards

MB: Shura Elections, Setback For Reform

After the resputable Egyptian judiciary ruled that it was constitutional for candidates to run for elections using Islamic slogans . . . we have witnessed another setback in the political

Blogging Against Mubarak

The rise of the Egyptian blogosphere is just one of the ways in which dissidents in the US-backed dictatorship are struggling for rights on their own. Not reliant on foreign

Blogger Detained While Covering Shura Election Day

Egyptian police arrested on Monday Egyptian blogger Omar Al Sharqawi while he was covering the Shura Council midterm elections in the governorate of Dakahlia. Omar was detained while taking photos

Seething Anger in a Broken Middle East

Invasion, poverty and instability deepen institutional crisis throughout the region – with no fix in sight Marking 40 years of Israeli occupation, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas warned that his people