After Rigging Shura Elections, MB Candidates Speak Out

Many riggings, detentions and violations were committed on the day of the Shira Council midterm elections held on Monday June, 11, 2007. Main opposition powers boycotted elections but the Muslim

Interview with Ali Gawish, member of Sudan MB executive office

Ali Gawish, member of Sudan MB executive office: commitment to Abuja agreement solves/ends Darfur crisis Sudan Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is associated - as the general Sudanese trend- with many splits

Egypt heading for collapse: John Bradley

Egypt heading for collapse: John Bradley British Expert in Egyptian & Saudi Affairs The Egyptian Saudi struggle over the leadership, the nature of US relations with both Cairo and Riyadh,

Hassan Al Banna’s Centenary…Attitude towards Palestinian cause

Fatah Movement has been leading, for forty years, the Palestinian national action arena; about twenty years ago, Hamas movement started to share with it the influence in this arena. Taking

The fruitful tree, the MB call (1)

The Muslim Brotherhood group was founded in March 1928, in al-Esma’elia by a youth teacher and six youth workers and craftsmen. In October 1932, the founder moved to Cairo, and

Reading into The Muslim Brotherhood’s Documents

This introduction covers an objective presentation of the content of the documents issued by “the Muslim Brotherhood " last year; these documents include; statements and press releases, and also the

Muslim Brotherhood: Structure & Spread

Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is one of the most important Islamic movements in the Arab world and the Muslim world. It represents a broad and distinguished trend within modern Islamic thought.

The MB’s attitude towards resistance

Due to the diversity of regimes’ attitudes, Sheikhs’ Fatwas, and people’s opinions that made confusion about resistance, especially in Lebanon, so it is necessary for us to show our attitude

The vision of MB concerning reform and development

It’s important, before tackling the Comprehensive Reform concept, to denote to the American Democracy concept from the intelligentsia’s view. In his book (The Culture of Narcissism), Christopher Lasch warns that

Future of Muslim Brotherhood

The Muslim Brotherhood managed to maintain its organizational existence since it was established in 1928, by late Hasan Al-Banna. Throughout eight decades, it has managed to exist as a religious