Parting the Veil

Now is no time to give up on supporting democracy in the Middle East. But to do so, the United States must embrace Islamist moderates America’s post-September 11 project to

Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Iraq’s Shrine Bombings

Muslim Brotherhood condemned bombing of the two minarets of Al Askari mosque in Samarra, stating that Islam guarantees freedom of belief, secures freedom of worshipping and prohibits attacking houses of

Update:Blogger Omar el-Sharqawi released

Update:Blogger Omar el-Sharqawi was released today after he was

Occupation, not Islam, ‘drives suicide attacks’

In the wake of Sept. 11, Robert Pape, a professor in international security affairs at The University of Chicago, speculated on TV news shows on the causes of suicide terrorism.

More Detention Warrants Against 13 Dakahlia MBs

The crisis of Muslim Brotherhood detainees who were arrested during the Shura Council elections hasn’t

The Informer: Behind the Scenes, or Setting the Stage?

With tired eyes and mussed hair, Osama Eldawoody opens his door to an unexpected guest. He doesn’t get many visitors these days. He is in hiding for his own safety.

Blair can no longer deny a link exists between terrorism and foreign policy

Let us look closely at recent developments in government policy toward Muslims. The British Muslim reaction to the July 7 attacks was exemplary, as Ken Livingstone pointed out, and this

Egypt: Elections Rigging Videos, US Aid Cuts and A New Blog by Talented Movie Director

In this week’s round up from Egypt, bloggers write about domestic issues as well as Egypt-US relations and I am also introducing new interesting blogs about movies, photography and liberal

The Electoral Programme of the Muslim Brotherhood for Shura Council in 2007

Preface: On the ongoing preparations for the renewal elections for one-half of the Shura (Legislative) council due on June 2007,

No Need to Be Afraid of Us

Since the arrest of Khairat el Shater, second deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), we felt it is necessary to republish his article written to the Guardian over a