House panel votes to withhold some Egypt aid

The House of Representatives on Tuesday advanced legislation aimed at pressuring Egypt to improve its human rights record by withholding some military aid until progress is made. The House Appropriations

BBC Newsnight: Mubarak’s Police State

Click on the photo below to watch the program… [Above: Photo by Nasser Nouri.]

Israel’s New President: a War Criminal Par Excellance

To many in the West, Israel s new President  Shimon Peres is a respectable statesman and man of peace. However, in truth, Peres is a repulsive racist and  war criminal who

Hammoud Lodges Complaint to Int’l Parliament Over Assault

Dr. Yasser Hammoud, member of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc, lodged a complaint to the international parliament for the assault he faced last Friday at the hands of policemen. Yasser Hammoud

POMED Notes: House Hearing on Human Rights Double Standard

This afternoon the Subcommittee on International Organizations, Human Rights and Oversight of the House Foreign Affairs Committee held a hearing on U.S. policy over human rights in Saudi Arabia, Iran

Prague, Part III

In addition to the very interesting speeches delivered by President Bush and

Another flawed election

YOU cannot fault the Muslim Brotherhood for lack of ingenuity. When government supporters ripped down their election posters, they hoisted more on helium balloons. Told that their slogan “Islam is

FEATURE-Egypt’s Muslim Brothers await late-night knock

Muslim Brotherhood organiser Hani Sanad was ready, wary of that night-time knock on the door right up to the last minute before Egyptians voted in local elections this week. Sanad

Arrests in Egypt Point Toward a Crackdown

Heavily armed police officers woke the Said family at 2 a.m. with pounding on the front door. The parents dressed quickly as their two children drifted between sleep and fear.

Will promoting democracy backfire?

FROM GAZA TO LEBANON to Iraq, the Middle East is aflame, and the vaunted free elections that have been held in each country have hardly produced peace, stability or good