MB Detainees’ Military Appeal Adjourned to Next August

The Supreme Administrative Court adjourned the appeal against the president’s decree of referring a group of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders to a military court, to Sep.,  2nd, 2007. The defense panel

Yemen: unfair charges against a Yemeni journalist

Abd el Karim el Kheiwany must be immediately released The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (HRinfo) calls upon the Yemeni government to release the Yemeni journalist Abd el Karim

Jordan’s Islamists& Nationalists Garner Most Dental Syndicate Seats

The National Unity slate (alliance of Islamists, nationalists and independents ) in the dental syndicate garnered all ten seats of the syndicate board in elections held on Saturday at the

Health of Egyptian Reformist Essam Hashish Stable

Dr. Essam Hashish, a Muslim Brotherhood reformist detained pending the military tribunal, is doing well after his health dramatically deteriorated due to being held in prison. He was moved to

MB University Female Students, Security Obstacles

Students are still a key factor in the political reform process and social movement in Egypt. This has been more stressed this year specially in the midst of  the many

Exclusive interview with one of the tried before martial courts

Dr/ Ahmad Abdel Ati one of the forty reformists that are to be tried before martial courts upon a decree from the Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak because they belong to

Prosecution Jails Hanoville Trip Students 15 Days

The Higher State Security Prosecution ordered, on Sunday, 7th, 2007, 45 Muslim Brotherhood students jailed for 15 days under investigation, although the security forces found no sequestered items that may

50 Helwan Cement Workers Sacked

50 daily wage workers at Helwan cement co. were denied access to the company after the board of directors issued a decision of dismissing them. The dismissed workers gathered, along with

Governing Gaza: Hamas’s Dilemma

Now that Hamas has taken complete control of Gaza by force, what will result? Mogadishu on the Mediterranean? Or will the sole responsibility for governing 1.5 million Palestinians force Hamas

Promoting Democracy and Human Rights in the Middle East: The Case of Saudi Arabia

  Dr. Amr Hamzawy Senior Associate Middle East Program Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Washington, DC Congress of the United States Committee on Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on International Organizations, Human