Ali Gawish: Abuja Agreement Can Solve Darfur Crisis

Sudan Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is associated - as the general Sudanese trend- with many splits afflicted the association. The major split was that of the prominent Sudanese figure, Dr/ Hassan

Summer of MB Youth: Fun With a Mission

How you spend your time is more important than how you spend your money. Money mistakes can be corrected, but time is gone forever. .” a quote by David Norris

Lebanon’s MB Supports Yakan, Denounces Govt Intimidations

The Islamic Group, Muslim Brotherhood (MB) offshoot in Lebanon, declared its rejection to security attempts to defame Dr. Fathi Yakan, the leader of the Islamic Action Front.  Islamic preacher, Fathi Yakan,

UK Muslims Launch Media Campaign to Condemn Bombs

UK Muslims launched a huge campaign for condemning the latest bombings in Glasgow and London and show the correct image of Islam and Muslims in the country.The "Not in Our

Comparing Three Muslim Brotherhoods: Syria, Jordan and Egypt

Global Politician published an article by Prof. Barry Rubin examining the Muslim Brotherhoods in three Middle Eastern countries-Egypt, Syria and Jordan-comparing its politics and tactics. Throughout the article, Prof. Rubin

Letter of Solidarity With Dr. Khaled Ouda From Rutgers

I am writing to express my consternation and disbelief in the in the arrest and continued detention of Professor Khaled ouda, Professor of Geology at the University of Assiut.I have

Kifaya Calls for Marking July 23rd With Civil Disobedience

Kifaya Movement calls on all Egyptian people to take part in a civil disobedience campaign, under the slogan "Stay at Home". It encourages all citizens to stay at home on

Al Hashemi Condemns Saturday Bombings, Blames Al-Maliki’s Gov’t

Tarek Al Hashemi, Iraqi vice-president and leader of the Iraqi Islamic Party (IIP) condemned the explosions that took place across Iraq on Saturday. Al Hashemi blamed in a statement, a copy

The Islamists’ Party in Egypt…No Hope

When the latest amendments to the Egyptian constitution banned the founding of parties on religious grounds, everyone understood the insinuation to the "Muslim Brotherhood" party known for its extensive activities,

Cairo: Suicide Rate All Time High Due To Bad Economy

A study conducted by Cairo University Poison Control Center revealed that the rate of suicide by poisonous chemicals in Cairo alone hit ......