Islamo-Fascist or Neocon-Fascist?

Our current foreign policy in the Middle East supposedly dates from after 9/11, 2001 but the truth is that our actions since the Twin Towers fell coincide perfectly with the

Egypt probe into Sudan refugee deaths ’absurd’

RIGHTS groups have slammed the "absurd" exoneration of Egyptian police in the killing of 27 Sudanese refugees in Cairo, calling on the second anniversary of the deaths for a new

Muslim Brotherhood in Syria Lashes out at Damascus Declaration Arrests

The Muslim Brotherhood group in Syria criticized the campaign of arrests launched by the Syrian regime against some leaders at the Damascus Declaration for Democratic National Change.

Reuters World News Highlights 1410 GMT Dec 29

Benazir Bhutto’s party challenged official versions of the opposition leader’s assassination and accused Pakistan’s government on Saturday of trying to cover up failures just days before planned elections. Fresh violence

4 Egyptian MB Dar Al-Ulum Students Dismissed

Dr. Mohamed Abdul Magid Al Tawil, the dean of Dar Al-Ulum faculty-Cairo University dismissed four Muslim Brotherhood (MB) students for a month, denied a fifth student access to a semester

Graft Cited in Deadly Egypt Collapse

Shoddy materials, illegal construction and a culture of corruption were blamed Saturday for the deaths of more than three dozen people buried when a 12-story apartment building crumbled to the

A Statement by the MB Parliamentary Bloc On The Assassination of Bhutto

The MB Parliamentary Bloc in the Egyptian People’s Assembly received the assassination of Ex-Pakistani PM Benazir Bhutto in Rawalpindi last Thursday with extreme depression and concern, pursuing the consequences of

The lawsuit demanding the websites banning in Egypt is rejected with the emphasis on the

In a court ruling restoring hope in the hearts of all defenders of freedom of opinion and expression in Egypt and the world, the Administrative Judicial Court issued a sentence

MB call the Egyptian government to reopen Rafah crossing for Palestinian pilgrims

Nearly 1200 Palestinian pilgrims are trapped in the middle of the sea infront of the Egyptian Nuweiba Port.

Mahmud Ezzat: Rafah Border Crossing Natural Channel for Palestinian Pilgrims

Muslim Brotherhood Secretary-General Mahmoud Ezzat stressed the necessity of allowing the trapped Palestinian Pilgrims to return home through the Rafah crossing border, saying it is “the natural crossing channel” according