Two Poems for the Beloved People of Gaza and Occupied Palestine

For they’re the enemy—terrorists, terrorists For they preach hatred—not like us, not like us For they’re religious zealots—terrorists, terrorists They’ll never have this land—not like us, not like us

Updated:ESF Arrest Hundreds, Beat Hundreds Others, Ikhwanweb Reporter arrested in Pro-Gaza Protest

The Egyptian forces harshly used force to disperse demonstrators, arrested hundreds and beat hundreds others. Many citizens have come from all governorates along with activisits across the political spectrum to

Gaza Engulfed

The situation in Gaza need not have reached the bloody impasse it has reached today. Hamas legitimately won the elections of 2006 and constitutionally formed a government; however, Israel, the

Egypt Rights Groups Denounce IOF Nazi Massacre

Scores of the Egyptian human rights organizations slammed in their strongly-worded statements the barbaric massacre against Gaza Strip at the hands of the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF).

World must say “No” to Jewish Nazism before it is too late

The genocidal Israeli onslaught against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip is strikingly similar to the German blitz in the initial stage of the Second World War. The pretexts

Zionists Target Relief Convoys at Rafah Crossing

IOF targeted Tuesday medical and relief convoys of Egyptian and Arab relief committees. The convoys waiting at the Rafah border crossing to be let into the Strip were bombed in

Thousands of Egyptians Demonstrate for Saving Gaza

Over ten thousand Egyptians from different political and national forces demonstrated on Monday afternoon before Press Syndicate in central Cairo, against brutal Israeli aggression on the Palestinian people.

Egypt Police Arrest 45 Muslim Brotherhood Pro-Gaza Demonstrators, Bans Rally

Egyptian police forces arrested 45 Muslim Brotherhood protestors before they reached the headquarters of the Doctors Syndicate where they were going to attend a pro-Gaza demonstration called for by the

Hamas: We will not raise the white flag

In another statement for Hamas on Tuesday, it said that the Palestinian people would not be content with the official Arab and Islamic regimes’ condemnation but would rather like those

UN official: Countries cooperating with Israel are accomplices to the aggression

Richard Falk, the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights on Palestinian lands, said that the UN is committed to protecting civilians who are the victims of grave violations