The Difficulty of Definitions

Writing in the CT Blog, Jeffrey Imm argues that “any blueprint strategy for national security must define Jihad, must address it within the national security threat, and must also define

International Conference to Fight Clash of Civilizations

The Spanish city of Madrid witnesses on Tuesday, Jan, 15th, 2008 the first international conference for a dialogue between civilizations. Its importance stems from the fact that it is a

First European Islamic Charter to Back Tolerance, Fight Violence Kicks off

More than 400 Islamic organizations from all over Europe issued in a conference held in the Belgian capital Brussels on Thursday a unified charter aiming to bolster values of tolerance

Habib Criticizes Bush’s visit, Sarkozy’s Anti-MB Statements

Dr. Mohamed Habib, the first deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), attributed the visit of the US President to the region to George Bush’s desire to form a front

Khairat Al-Shater Skips MB Trial Session for Health Reasons

Engineer Khairat Al-Shater, the second deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) suffered from diabetes complications and a high blood pressure which prevented him from attending Monday’s military session

Bush Concludes Mideast Visit in Egypt with Light Saber Rattling

President Bush today concludes in Egypt his tour of the Middle East that the White House has characterized as "a stunningly successful wake-up call to America’s allies." From impediments to

“I Have a Mirage!” Bush Declares to the Arab World

George Bush’s magical mystery tour of the Middle East found him inside the insanely opulent Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi Sunday where he delivered his much-anticipated "I Have a

Yankee Go Home!

President Bush continues his Middle East trip, having been to Israel where he spent three days pretending that the Palestinians can actually agree to peace after sixty years of rejecting

Bush insists Iran biggest terror sponsor

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates - President Bush gently nudged authoritarian Arab allies Sunday to satisfy frustrated desires for democracy in the Mideast and saved his harshest criticism for Iran,

Bush plays down call for Gulf reforms

President George W. Bush on Sunday toned down his rhetoric on democratic change, as he sought to persuade the Gulf states to reduce their ties with Iran.