Morgantini lashes out at EU silence towards Gaza massacres

Luisa Morgantini, the vice president of the European parliament, has expressed concern over the escalating acts of murder committed by the IOF troops in Gaza and the West Bank.

Nuclear Egypt? Quite possible

Egypt’s ruling elite loves to see itself at the centre of West Asian politics; for the Presidential Palace and its retinue of loyalists, Cairo is the most important place, the

Egypt’s Human Rights Record

At Democratic Arsenal, Michael Cohen criticizes U.S. President George W. Bush’s support of Egypt’s democracy during his recent trip to the Middle East. Cohen notes that Egypt has been accused

POMED Notes: Rethinking Democracy Promotion in Middle East at USIP

Yesterday afternoon, the U.S. Institute of Peace hosted an event entitled “Rethinking Democracy Promotion in the Middle East,” featuring Cairo-based writer and scholar Hugh Roberts, formerly of International Crisis Group,

Freedom House Annual Survey Released: “Notable Setback for Global Freedom”

Yesterday marked the release of Freedom in the World 2008, the annual survey of political rights and civil liberties published by Freedom House. The survey, published every year since 1972,

Top CEIP Researcher: US Has no View over Mubarak’s Possible Successor

Michele Dunne, a senior associate at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (CEIP) and editor-in-chief of the CEIP’s Arab Reform Bulletin, sees that it is the Egyptian people’s right to have

The Islamist opposition online in Egypt and Jordan

An October report from Reporters without Borders indicates that the level of media freedom in both Egypt and Jordan has deteriorated over the past year following the jailing of several

New Muslim Brotherhood Leader in Somalia

Protesting a disappointing performance and failure to rise up to the needs of the country and its people, the seniors of the Muslim Brotherhood group in Somalia recently elected a

Yes We Can

I’m not sure there’s very much the US government can or should do, in practice, to push Egypt into becoming a democracy.

Egypt accuses Europe of discrimination, xenophobia

This crossed the wires this morning. First, we learned that Egypt was not mentioned in President Bush’s speech during his Middle East tour about Arab governments that are on the