Who Sets The Agenda?

In Egypt, something remarkable happened on Thursday. On Labour Day (May 1st), just ahead of a strike scheduled to take place on his birthday tomorrow (May 4th), President Mubarak announced

Follow Up : Pre the 4th of May ,the day before the storm

Today I found Al Ahram newspaper in the first page publishing this piece saying "4 th of May a day for the nation !!" calling to make this day ,

Appeal of one-year jail terms given to four Egyptian editors to be heard on World

We, the undersigned 40 members and partners of the International Freedom of Expression Exchange (IFEX), are concerned with the ongoing court case against four editors of independent newspapers in Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Exporting Gas to Israel

The Muslim Brotherhood is dismayed by the government’s decision to export gas to Israel at reduced prices at the time when Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) are committing daily massacres against

Missing in Action: The Democracy Agenda in the Middle East

From the time of the Cold War policy of propping up dictators to the current failing democratization efforts, U.S. meddling in the Middle East has nearly always produced harmful results.

Money Can’t Buy Love: USAID Assistance to Egypt

Despite its benevolent facade, U.S. security and strategic interests are the drivers for USAID funding disbursement rather than the needs of receiving countries.

Confusing Hearts and Minds: Public Opinion in the Arab World

Regardless of the massive public relations campaign implemented on behalf of the United States post Sept. 11, 2001, America is still perceived negatively throughout the Arab world.

Muslim Brotherhood MP Calls for a Law Permitting Impeachment of the President

Rajab Abu-Zeid (member of MB parliamentary bloc) called for a new legislation allowing the prosecution of the state’s president for the violations he commits against the people, following the example

Muslim Brotherhood MP Sobhi Saleh Calls for Regime’s Departure

Sobhi Saleh (member of the general secretariat of MB parliamentary bloc) stressed that the Egyptian regime has become aged and can no longer maintain its grip on the state’s affairs,

Muslim Brotherhood Congratulates Aljazeera and Sudan on the Release of Sami Al-Hajj

Dr. Mohamed Habib, Muslim Brotherhood Deputy Chairman, congratulated Aljazeera Satellite Channel and the neighboring country Sudan on the release of Sami Al Hajj, cameraman of Aljazeera who was released last