Assessing the Muslim Brotherhood “Firewall”

In a number of recent articles I have argued that the Muslim Brotherhood can serve as an important "firewall" against al-Qaeda style radicalization in Arab countries (while simultaneously taking seriously

Resurrecting the Wall of Fear: The Human Rights Situation in Syria

Over the past several months, Syrian authorities have engaged in a harsh campaign of repression against leading dissidents and human rights activists. The crackdown, overshadowed by developments elsewhere in the

Egypt: The Prospective Politics After the Increase in Food Prices

The increase in the price of bread, a number of repurcussuions of the larger inflation of food prices on a global scale in recent years, has brought about manifestations, arrests

How should we deal with Hamas?

Some believe that a wide-scale military operation aimed at toppling the Hamas regime is needed. Yet they do not think about the price of such operation in terms of both


Perhaps the most sophisticated approach to the ideology of Pan-Islam, in the new situation of Nationalism-bound Egypt of the 920s and 1930s, was developed by Hassan al-Banna, The founder, in

Unfair Sentence Against blogger Tariq Biasi

The Syrian Human Rights Committee condemned the unfair sentence issued on Sunday 10/05/2008 by the exceptional Supreme State Security Court against the detained youth Tariq Omar Biasi.

The Princess and the Facebook Girl

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away, there lived a beautiful princess. Hers was a fairytale existence of spectacular palaces and footmen with gleaming swords and, of

Election Preferences on the Arab Street

Zogby International and the University of Maryland’s Shibley Telhami conducted a poll last month of 6 Arab publics: Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.

The EU, Israel and Hamas

The US has embarked on a new attempt to solve the Arab-Israeli conflict, backed by wide international support. But the situation on the ground between Israel and the Palestinians is

Survey: Gulf Between Democracy in Theory and Practice

The basic democratic principle that "the will of the people should be the basis for the authority of government" is supported by overwhelming majorities throughout the world, according to a