Habib Clarifies MB Stance Towards Saad-el-din Ibrahim Sentence

Commenting on the verdict against Saad El Din Ibrahim, MB Deputy Chairman Dr. Mohamed Habib said on Thursday in a statement to Ikhwanweb,

MB Lawyers Haven’t Decided Yet to Challenge Military Verdicts, Says Attorney

MB Chief Atorney Abdul Moneim Abdel Maksoud said that the decision to challenge the military ruling against MB leaders will be announced by the week of August 25. This will

MB Mourns Labor Party Leader

The Muslim Brotherhood expressed condolences over death of labor party leader Ibrahim Shokry who died Tuesday at the age of 92.

Egypt: Govt Convicts Democracy Activist Saad Eddin Ibrahim

The Bush administration, expressing disappointment over the August 2 conviction of Egyptian democracy activist Saad Eddin Ibrahim, said the action is "harming Egypt’s reputation" and urged global protection for the

Egyptians Reject Bishop Thomas Lecture: Coptic Intellectual

Bishop Thomas controversial lecture at Hudson Institute on the status of Copts in Egypt is still bearing its negative results.

The Jewish settler pogrom against Palestinians must be stopped now

Nazi-like Jewish settlers have of late stepped up their indiscriminate attacks on Palestinian civilians and their property throughout the West Bank.