Editorial: Goodbye Musharraf, Checkmate For Others

Western intelligentsia must understand our region’s need for change, and that the Pakistani experience in peaceful constitutional change is the best possible scenario of democratic transformation for our region, and

After the letter to Obama

The pro-regime shadow parties which I barely can keep their names in my mind,also the pro-regime NDP lawyers raced to sue Nour as if he were a free person!! The

Opposition Alliances and Democratization in Egypt

Many Egyptians, both within the opposition and the ruling party, believe that a swift democratic opening of the country’s political system could lead to a decisive Islamist electoral victory. However,

Urgent Query About Egypt’s Setback At Beijing Games

Muslim Brotherhood MP Azab Mustafa has submitted an urgent query to the Prime Minister Dr. Ahmad Nazif demanding clarification of the falure of Egypt’s delegation to the 2008 Beijing Olympic

Interior Ministry Bans MB Leader From Traveling To Algeria

Egyptian security forces have barred Political Advisor to Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Prof. Abdul-Hamid Al-Ghazali from traveling to Algeria on Wednesday to attend the Eighth Summer University in Algeria.