Rights Activists Call For the Release of Musaad Abu-Fagr

Hisham Mubarak Law Center and a group of the political and human rights activists filed a complaint to the Prosecutor General calling for the immediate release of political activist Musaad

Case of Child Killed by Police Adjourned Till October 12

Mansoura misdemeanor court resumed on Monday the case of the child who passed away due to torture at the hands Mansoura’s police station officer. The child is from Shuha village

Security Bars a Sit-in Organized By Al-Jazeera School Before Alex Governor’s Office

Dozens of the anti-riot police prevented more than 500 students, families, and teachers at the Al-Jazeera Islamic school from organizing a sit-in before the office of Alexandria’s governor on Monday.

Again, Zawahiri Slams Muslim Brotherhood

Zawahiri’s latest audio release criticized the Muslim Brotherhood claiming its leaders come to Kabul on American tanks “talking about wanting to liberate it from the Taliban and agents of Pakistan,”

Anti-Obama Smears About Religion or Race?

I saw someone in Atlanta wearing a shirt with a picture of King and a picture of Barack - "The Dreamer and the Dream" it read. It reminded me, even

Religious freedom in Egypt ’declining’, says report

CAIRO: Freedom of religious belief in Egypt “declined” between July 2007 and June 2008, according to the US State Department’s annual assessment of religious freedom throughout the world, the International

Desmond Tutu: Israeli shelling in Gaza may be war crime•

Desmond Tutu, the South African Nobel laureate, said yesterday there was a "possibility" Israel had committed a war crime when 18 Palestinians from a single family were killed by Israeli

After the Blockage exceeding all limits

A brave Tunisian journalist challenged fear and repression overwhelming the country and file a suite against Tunisia Agency for Internet Services demanding a compensation for internet websites blockage in Tunisia.

This Osama preaches peace

He preaches about the need for harmony with Jews and Christians, and in conversation, he talks about how, in so many ways, America is an ideal place for Muslims to

CNN exclusive: Obama on foreign policy

(CNN) -- Sen. Barack Obama discussed his vision for the world in a wide-ranging foreign policy discussion with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria.