Bahr deplores Egypt for barring PLC delegation from traveling through Rafah

Dr. Ahmed Bahr, the acting speaker of the PLC, on Sunday strongly denounced Egypt for preventing the council delegation from traveling through the Rafah border crossing to make visits to

Funding GONGOs against democracy

One of the characteristics of the anti-democracy backlash is that while some states are openly repressive towards independent NGOs, others maintain a more ambiguous position, allowing civil society groups to

Alex Misdemeanors Court Releases Detainees of Al Jazeerah School

Consultancy Chamber at the misdemeanors court of Alexandria ordered the release of eight detained parents of Al Jazeerah School students. The released are Hosam Mohamed Monir (headmaster), Hisham Mohamed Monir,

Police Officers Belittle Women’s Issues

In her statements to Ikhwanweb, Lamia Lutfi (member of the New Women Foundation) stressed that police officers belittle the sexual harassment incidents the women face.

Abdul Rahman Albarr And Nine Media Figures Reimprisoned For 15 Days

Presided by Judge Hisham El Badawi, State Security Prosecution of the 5th Complex district renewed prison decisions on Sunday November 12th for Abdurrahman Abdul- Barr; professor of Hadith and its

SS Dignity bids Gaza farewell

The SS Dignity left the Gaza Strip on Saturday with the foreign sympathizers on board after four days of their arrival where they toured various installations in the beleaguered Strip

Report: IOF troops killed six Palestinians including two children last month

A report issued by the Quds Press stated that the IOF troops killed during last October six Palestinian citizens including two children, which increased the number of those killed during

Rights Center Holds MOE Officials Responsible For Student Killing

The Development and Human Rights Center for Peace Maat held the Ministry of Education officials in Egypt responsible criminally and politically for the student Islam’s killing at the hands of

MB MP: Egypt’s Decline In World Classification of Press Freedom, Is Expected

Mohsen Radi (member of the parliamentary bloc of the Muslim Brotherhood and a member of the Committee on Information and Culture in PA) considered Egypt’s decline in the world classification

Sit-in against NDP Conference

Some members of Kefaya movement and April 6 youth protested on Saturday, November 1st noon, before the Press Syndicate building, against holding the fifth conference for the National Ruling Party.