The Near Future of Middle East Peace

Gershon Gorenberg at The American Prospect wants Obama to to tackle the foreboding problem of Middle East peace right away, “Move fast, very fast. Ignore all advice from old diplomatic

IFJ denounces Israel for blocking entry of journalists into Gaza

The international federation of journalists has denounced the Israeli decision to prevent foreign journalists from entering Gaza for a week, describing the decision as a violation of the freedom of

Gaza bakeries about to close down

The PA economy ministry in the Gaza Strip has warned that most of the bakeries in the Strip would close down by Thursday morning in the event the Israeli occupation

UNRWA: Gaza Strip ran out of food supplies amidst catastrophic human condition

The UNRWA, the UN agency that caters for Palestinian refugees, has announced Thursday that food supplies and basic needs in Gaza Strip had ran out due to the Israeli rejection

PA’s Internal Elections Are Against The Out Standing, Says Hamdi Hassan

Hamdi Hassan "the media spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) parliamentary bloc" denied in an interview with ikhwanweb what was published about the call of Fathi Sorour, the People’s Assembly

MB Student Imprisoned For 15 Days

Prosecution of Abu Hammad City decided last Thursday to imprison Amr Fawzi (MB student activist at the University of Zagazig) for 15 days pending investigations.

MP Saleh: MB Bloc Elections…A Model of Inter-Brotherhood Elections

Sobhi Saleh (member of MB parliamentary bloc Secretariat) emphasized that the strong competition witnessed during the MB bloc elections for the leading posts indicated the variety of leaders the bloc

Qaradawi: I Supported Obama For Change

Professor Yousuf El Qaradawi- head of the International Union for Muslim Scholars- said he expressed hopes that US president-elect Barack Obama would win the elections because "Obama can deal better

Faiyum University Complain Of Security “Terrorism”

Students at the University of Faiyum complained of the security terror and persecution they face at the university.

Obama One More Time

The Arabs make a mistake if they look at Obama’s victory of the US presidential elections from their regional perspective or try to understand quite hastily how US policies in