Parish Priest Recounts Tragedy of Gaza, Testimony of Father Manuel Musallam

Christine passed away on the morning of Saturday, January 2, 2009, due to fear and cold. The windows of her house were open to protect the children from being hit

Friends of humanity: Israel violated houses of worship during its war on Gaza

In another context, Ilan Malka, a top Israeli infantry commander, admitted that his unit, which ranks as one of Israel’s elite military forces, faced great difficulties during its confrontations with

Int’l campaign to withdraw Nobel prize from Peres

Georgios Anastopoulos, the representative of the European committee in Greece said that the idea of withdrawing Peres’ Nobel prize came after he said a week ago that what concerned him

Towards the enlightened middle

To quell the simmering discontent between the US and Muslims, Obama must embrace diplomacy and foster respectful dialogue

Morsy: No Contradiction Between Doha, Kuwait, Other Summits, Must Be Complementary

Morsy explained that the economic summit in Kuwait may have its influence in pressuring Israel economically while the Doha summit may have its positive political influence in affirming its support