POMED Notes: Strategies for Engaging Political Islam: A Middle East, U.S., and E.U. Trialogue

Yesterday, POMED and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung hosted a discussion on developing practical strategies for engaging Islamists. Political Islam is becoming a major force in the Middle East, yet Western

Egypt rejects US report on its rights record

Egypt on Friday dismissed as unacceptable a US report which branded Cairo’s human rights record as poor, the foreign ministry said in a statement.

The road to Gaza’s killing fields

GAZA LIES in ruins. After 22 days of ruthless Israeli aerial bombardment and ground assault, a survey1 of the carnage is as enraging as it is numbing: at least 1,285

An interview with Kori Schake on her new book

A few days ago was the release of Shadow blogger Kori Schake’s new book, Managing American Hegemony: Essays on Power in a Time of Dominance. To her great credit, Kori

Democracy the antidote to jihadist radicalization, task force concludes

Democracy assistance is a critical factor in overcoming jihadist ideology but should be explicitly de-linked from counter-terrorism and national security policy, according to a new report out today. Substantial investment

Jordanian MB: Zahabi’s Government does not Meet Demands of Jordanian People

Jamil Abu Bakr (Media Spokesman of Muslim Brotherhood), in a press release, has accused Zahabi’s government, before and after the amendments, of “not meeting the aspirations of the Jordanian people”

Investigating Bush’s Crimes

When the Obama transition team opened a questions referendum on its popular website in December, one issue quickly soared to the top. "Will you appoint a Special Prosecutor (ideally

The forgotten Damascus Spring

President Bashar al-Assad of Syria may be feeling the effects of President Obama’s promised "change". After years of US-imposed isolation, Assad has received two US Congressional delegations since Obama became

Galawi’s life line convoy reaches Tunisia, en route to Gaza Strip

Tunisian officials have announced Thursday the arrival of convoy "life line" led by British lawmaker George Galawi to Tunisia en route to the besieged coastal Gaza Strip via Libya and

Palestinian factions in Cairo agree to new PA unity government

Palestinian factions, including Hamas and Fatah, among other Palestinian factions meeting in Cairo have agreed Thursday to form an interim national unity government that would manage the Palestinian affairs till