Muslim Scholar Unwelcome: Obama Lawyer

Although it has made a break with many of George Bush’s controversial, self-declared war on terror policies and has promised to reach out to Muslims, the Obama administration has decided

Debating the Extreme Right

For years, the extreme right-wing parties in Europe have played on fear, the need for security, and the rejection of the other. For our democracies, the slippage is a doubly

MP: Antiquities in Abu Mandour are Endangered by the Officials

MP Abdel Hamid Zaghloul (Member of MB Parliamentary Bloc) has condemned the deliberate negligence of the archaeological area of Abu Mandour which history books has mentioned the existence of the

Palestinian gov’t: Israeli escalations in O. Jerusalem require int’l position

The Palestinian government on Tuesday condemned the escalating Israeli actions to judaize occupied Jerusalem, considering the Israeli persistence in demolishing Palestinian homes and vacating the holy city of its indigenous

Egypt violates international law by imprisoning blogger, says UN body

Blogger Karim Amer’s imprisonment is a violation of international law, United Nations experts have concluded

14 MB Leaders, Members Arrested In Sharqiyya, Menoufiyya

In a continuance of the security campaign launched against the MB this month, security forces arrested 14 MB leaders and members early Wednesday morning, March 25.

Can Obama talk to the Brotherhood?

Aiming to open dialogue with rivals of the US like Iran, Syria, and Russia and the Afghani Taliban movement, American president Barack Obama treads the steps of dialogue diplomacy. But

To Engage or Disengage…That is the Question?

Although the Obama administration is only just starting, observers are already noting a distinct change in the prominence and tone of U.S. public diplomacy, specifically with respect to the Muslim

Egyptian Government Threatening Health Security

Again the MB MP Dr. Farid Ismail has revealed a new corruption incident by the government as it sold the Egyptian Medicine Company to an Arab investor for ten times

From Skokie to Um-el-Fahm

To my dear readers: Greeting to each and every one of you: I am re-posting this article, which I wrote seven months ago, on the occasion of the provocative Judeo-Nazi