EMHRN Delegation Denied Permit To Enter Gaza

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network (EMHRN) condemns Israeli decision not to deliver entry permits to the members of the EMHRN working group on Palestine, Israel and Palestinians (PIP), and consequently

Egyptian authorities urged to release peaceful protestors

At least 20 people are still held in detention in Egypt after peaceful protests on Monday. The protesters, who took part in nationwide strikes and demonstrations, were calling for a

37 Detainees in The Day of Rage

The number of detainees on the Day of Rage has reached 37 detainees of students and youth activists until the time of writing and the number is expected to increase

Rights Activist, Former Thought Prisoner Prevented From Medical Trip Abroad

Human rights activist and former prisoner of thought Khaled Hamza was prevented April 4, 2009 from traveling to the United Kingdom for the first time after his release from prison

West must stop boycotting Hamas, Ahtisaari says

Hamas must be brought into talks to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and it is both dangerous and pointless to exclude the militant group, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Marrti Ahtisaari said

Ain Shams Students Tortured, Aswan Institute Students Beaten

MB students Ahmed Abdel-Mon’em Abul-Futuh and Mansour Naser were assaulted, beaten, and tortured at the hands of State Security in Nasr City. Marks of the beating showed on their bodies,

Children the Biggest Victims of the War on Gaza (Report)

The recent war waged by Israel against Gaza Strip resulted in nearly 1500 children joining the already lengthy list of orphans in Gaza. This was disclosed by the Minister of

Al-Dallal: ICM Reviews Muslim Brotherhood Legacy

The Islamic Constitutional Movement (ICM) was established in 1991 following its tensioned relation with the Muslim Brotherhood offshoots in the Arab and Muslim worlds, in which Kuwait ’s Brotherhood saw

Obama is right for an opening to Muslims

As he travelled to Turkey on Monday, President Barack Obama took the next step toward fulfilling his pledge to more forcefully address the Muslim world. Some critics have warned him:

Obama Strengthening Ties with The Muslim World

During his first visit to a predominately Muslim country, President Barack Obama said that Turkey is a critical ally that the U.S. should work with to overcome the challenges of