Should we support internet activists in the Middle East?

I spoke yesterday at the Open Society Institute about the political impact of new media in the Middle East. Thanks to everyone who showed up, and the great questions and

Norwegian lawyers to sue Israeli leaders for war crimes

A galaxy of Norwegian lawyers is expected to file a lawsuit on Wednesday with the Norwegian attorney general against Israeli leaders who committed war crimes during the last war on

Swedish institutions donate to “Hope” convoy

A number of Swedish institutions have donated two ambulance vehicles and two trucks loaded with urgently needed medical equipment to the "Hope" convoy heading to the Gaza Strip

Morsi: We Refuse Any Behavior That Threatens Egypt’s Security

Member of the MB Executive Bureau Dr. Mohamed Morsi affirmed that the MB have always supported resistance emphasizing the necessity of standing side by side with resistance and providing it

Nine MB Leaders Arrested In Alexandria

Egyptian security forces in Alexandria launched a widespread house raids campaign Wednesday eve, April 22, against MB members and leaders in Alexandria

Haneyya calls on int’l criminal court to bring IOF leaders to trial

Palestinian premier Ismail Haneyya on Tuesday called on the international criminal court to bring Israeli leaders to trial, noting that Israeli soldiers confessed to receiving orders to commit war crimes

Habib: Zionism A Racist, Colonialist Entity

Commenting on the aims of the Durbin II conference in Geneva in his statement to Ikhwanweb, First MB Vice-Chair Dr. Mohamed El-Sayyid Habib described Zionism as a “racist and colonialist”