MB Lawyers Express Solidarity With Badawi, Nuh, Nour

In a new step to confront the halt of Lawyers’ Syndicate elections, the syndicate’s Shari’a Committee announced its solidarity with the challenges presented requesting the cancellation of the decision to

Egypt After Mubarak

The 80-year-old Mubarak has long depended on Egyptians’ passivity - not to mention the implicit green light from Washington to persecute and incarcerate with impunity

Where are Egyptian politics going? A panel discussion

An Egyptian delegation making the rounds of DC stopped by the Elliott School this morning to talk about the Cairo political scene and their hopes to improve American-Egyptian relations after

Scottish delegation decides to bring more convoys to break siege on Gaza

Members of the Scottish delegation who left the besieged Gaza Strip through the Rafah crossing point a couple of days after they paid a solidarity visit to it vowed to

Caught in two minds

The Muslim Brotherhood’s reaction to the Hizbullah controversy reveals that until now the movement is split in its strategic outlook between two opposing political directions, writes Amr Hamzawy

MP : MB Is Ready For Any Fair Elections

Mustafa Mohamed (Secretary of Western Delta in the MB Parliamentary Bloc) has stressed that what have been published in the Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper on the calling off 77 MP memberships,

A Protest Against the Dismissal of 13 Student at the Faculty of Law

Students of the Faculty of Law, Mansoura University, have organised a protests on Monday 27th of April against the dismissal of 13 MB students for an entire semester as well