In Egypt, a blogger tries to spread ’culture of disobedience’ among youths

Mohamed Abdel Aziz’s Facebook group that opposes Mubarak’s rule has drawn 76,000 followers. Though its calls for nationwide strikes have flopped, he remains determined

Obama asks for modification in US law to talk to Hamas

The American Los Angeles Times newspaper said on Monday that the administration of US president Barack Obama has requested the Congress to induce modifications in the US law in order

Indonesia’s election a triumph of pragmatism over ideology, moderate Muslims over radical Islamists

The results of this month’s legislative elections in the world’s largest Muslim-majority nation are not due until May 9. But it is already clear that Indonesia’s 100 million voters demonstrated

The Brotherhood is silenced, again

The issue of Egypt’s repression of dissenters and Muslim Brotherhood bloggers gets little coverage in the West. Is this because Egypt is a “moderate and pro-Western” dictatorship? Perhaps.

Khatib: The perils threatening J’lem would have adverse results on Arab states

Sheikh Kamal Al-Khatib, the deputy head of the Islamic Movement in the 1948 occupied lands, warned that the dangers which keep threatening occupied Jerusalem would result in repercussions on the

Parliament Request for Manufacturing of Local Swine Flu Vaccines

Member of the MB Parliamentary Bloc Taymur Abdul-Ghany requested the immediate construction of an advanced national lab for the manufacturing of a local swine flu vaccine.