Obama in Egypt: A Vision for Democracy Promotion

President Obama must also recognize that in the Arab Middle East, Islamist political movements play an integral role in advancing democracy. Too many U.S. policymakers have bought into the notion

Ten MB MPs Are Invited for Obama’s Speech

He pointed out that that the invitation to the MB MPs came as a comparison between the US administration and the Egyptian regime, especially since there are pressures from the

Demonstrators Against Obama’s Visit to Cairo Arrested

Hundreds of undercover policeman and anti-riot police were deployed in the place of the event and in the streets leading to downtown Cairo. Many of them were seeing heading to

Al-Hashemi: “There Are No Disputes Within the Islamic Party, But Some Difference in Views

Tarek Al-Hashemi, Vie-President of the Republic and former Secretary-General of the Iraqi Islamic Party (IIP), in response to the spead news about IIP he stressed that “the media turmoil against

Obama To Kick Off Mideast Trip

President Obama leaves tonight for his third major international trip, stopping first in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, a recently announced addition. From Riyadh, he will travel to Cairo, where he’ll give

Muslim Brotherhood Will Attend Obama Speech in Cairo

The POMED Wire, the blog of the Project on Middle East Democracy, is breaking the news that ten parliamentarians from the Muslim Brotherhood will be attending Obama’s

Obama’s Great Illusion

June 02, 2009 "Information Clearing House" -- I wonder how many of you have woken up to the fact that America’s latest leader is really a political Houdini ... an

Most Arabs Know This Speech Will Make Little Difference

June 02, 2009 "The Independent" -- More and more, it looks like the same old melody that Bush’s lads used to sing. We’re not against the Muslim world. In fact,

During a Reconciliation Session 13 of MB were Arrested

The State Security Forces raided the house of the leader Atef Mohammed Ibrahim and took everyone there to the police department of Abu Kbeer tehn they released Haj Mohammed Saeed

Muslim Brotherhood join Egyptian bar group

CAIRO, June 2 (UPI) -- An Egyptian lawyers’ union voted to return the Muslim Brotherhood to its leadership ranks, solidifying its position as a political force, officials say.