Morsy warns leaders not to be misled by Netanyahu the unwelcome Zionist.

Complete dissatisfaction was illustrated in the tones of Mohamed Morsy member of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Executive Bureau who voiced his opinion on the upcoming visit of Israel's former Prime

A Book Burner for UNESCO?

As deliberations began ahead of voting for the new culture chief of the United Nations, news surfaced last week that Egyptian police had arrested more than 150 people for allegedly

The resemblance in transition of power worries Egyptian onlookers, despite NDP denial

The Los Angeles Times published an article on the presidential elections in Gabon, triggering an effect on many Egyptians as they witnessed the success of Ali Bongo, son of Omar

Now that our problems have all been sold, lets change the governorate logos with public

Moussa Ghannam of the MB Parliamentary bloc questioned the necessity of altering the Matrouh governorate's emblem. The redesigning and changing of the emblem will cost millions of pounds, which may

To The Egyptian Government

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information, ANHRI, is following the frenzy declarations of the Egyptian government advocating for the efforts done to overcome the expected difficult situation ahead of

Legal Stand

This is a legal paper from The Arabic Network For Human Rights Information, ANHRI, to clarify the responsibility of web masters and site owners towards comments posted by members or

A Fantasy More Tragic Than Marquez’s

The Arabic Network For Human Rights Information, ANHRI, expressed surprise and strong resentment to the stopping of the Palestinian – Norwegian activist Manal Tamraz from traveling to Norway .

What constitutes a cybercrime?

Over emails and postings, Bloggers and rights activists continue to debate a code of ethics for their websites and readers' comments, after Khaled el-Balshy,

Zakareya: Postponing of school year demonstrates once again the ruling party’s extreme negligence

MP Ibrahim Zakareya Younes, member of the MB Parliamentary Bloc and Education Committee in the Parliament, denounced the government's sudden decision to postpone the beginning of the school year another

Annan’s allegations do not reflect the Kefaya movement’s ideology.

The Kafaya movement denied allegations made by Dr Hani Annan a former member of the Kafaya movement who alleged on the "Manshet" show broadcast on " ON satellite" TV that