Criminals, Militias, and Insurgents: Organized Crime in Iraq

Dr. Williams identifies the roots of organized crime in post-Ba’athist Iraq in an authoritarian and corrupt state dominated by Saddam Hussein and subject to international sanctions. He also explains the

Jewish fanatic settlers storm the Aqsa Mosque

Palestinian worshippers in the holy Aqsa Mosque on Wednesday confronted a group of 20 Jewish fanatic settlers who stormed the holy site escorted by Israeli security men.

Haneyya: UN report clearly condemned Israel for its war crimes in Gaza

Palestinian premier Ismail Haneyya stated Tuesday that the report issued by the fact-finding committee formed by the UN showed clear condemnation of the Israeli occupation for committing war crimes in

PCHR: 1,019 IOF assaults on Palestinian media

The Palestinian center for human rights (PCHR) has said that the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) had launched hundreds of attacks on Palestinian media and journalists in a bid to "silence

The Boycott Revisited

The people of Sodom, the Bible tells us, were very wicked indeed. They had a nasty habit of putting every passing stranger into one particular bed. If the stranger was

The war for Muslim minds: an interview with Gilles Kepel

From Fallujah and Peshawar to Amsterdam and Paris, is radical, militant Islam winning or losing its political battle for the support of the world’s Muslims? Gilles Kepel, leading analyst of

Exclusive: Hamas leader interview

Yet, for too many people, Hamas as an organisation remains opaque. What they know about it is derived from a hostile media; it has no face. Most would probably think

Paris: Activists unite in intensive campaign initiative for human rights.

The "Arab Commission for Human Rights expressed solidarity with the detained Islamic reformists in the Arab world. During an assembly at Iftar they commended the detainees led by Dr. Abdel

Is conservatism dead?

Conservatism, moreover, is now a permanent and enduring aspect of American political life, supported by millions of Americans and defended by a large network of writers, journals, and think tanks.