IAF commends UN report on Gaza conflict, urges Arabs to concern about the Palestinian issue

The Islamic Action Front (IAF) in Jordan on Wednesday lauded a UN report on Israel's offensive eight months ago against the Gaza Strip.

Human Rights organizations and workers and social movements express solidarity with trade union activist Kamal

The undersigned human rights organizations and workers and social movements express their solidarity with workers of the real estate tax company concerning their right to enjoy all trade union freedoms,

Goldstone Commission reports on Gaza-war war-crimes

The Goldstone Commission, appointed in April by the UN Human Rights Council to investigate all violations of international human rights law and international humanitarian law that were committed during last

A testimony the world needs to hear

Amira Hass had a searing report in Thursday's Haaretz. It's about the killing and slow death during last winter's Gaza war of Ahmed Samouni, age 4, and his father Atiyeh.

Ramadan t.v. offerings, 2009

Another Ramadan, another set of soap operas in the Arab world (along with new seasons of old-established favorites like "Bab al-Hara.")

Commit a sin twice and it will not seem a crime

Lieberman listed his beliefs of instability with accusations that the threat for the Palestinian Authority is not from Israel but rather Hamas and Jihad, and the real threat for the

4500 workers in Cabo will continue their strike despite deductions

More than 4500 worker at the Al-Nasr Textile Company in Alexandria (Cabo) entered their second consecutive day of striking where they demanded their paychecks.

8 cases of Bird and Swine Flu in Kafr el-Sheikh

Al-Hemiat Hospital in Kafr el-Sheikh held 8 people in quarantine as they were suspected of being infected with the H1N1 (commonly known as swine flu) and bird flu.

Sawasya: demands respect for freedom and the judiciary.

Sawasya Center for Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination called for a constitutional amendment which would allow the freedom to develop political parties, trade unions, associations and all forms of peaceful and

who was arrested on March 25?, The Interior Minister denied

The Interior Minister denied issuing a release order for 25-year-old Abdallah Maher Ibrahim, who was arrested on March 25.