UN Report on Cast Lead, Jewish Self-Hatred and Spin

The recent release of the UN study headed by the South African jurist Richard Goldstone is a watershed of sorts in the diplomatic history of Israel.

Geert Wilders Wants to Tax Women who Wear Hijab

Fascism’s new face in Europe, parliamentarian in the Netherlands Geert Wilders, proposes taxing Muslim women who wear hijab (head covering) 1000 Euros.

Farouk Hosni and the conspiracy theory

Following Farouk Hosni's losing bid to UNESCO, official sources in Egypt said, "The European-American alliance and the Jewish lobby managed to defeat the Egyptian candidate for UNESCO, Culture Minister Farouk

El-Khodeiry speaks out on resignation, state of the judiciary

Counselor Mahmoud el-Khodeiry in a post-resignation interview gives a look at the conditions of the judiciary system, says the state disrespects the legal system

Bent on Confusing the Public about Islam :: The Far Right Exploits Rifaq Bary’s Case

The Center for Security Policy (CSP) published recently an article on Rifqa Bary who converted to Christianity and ran away from her family with the help of an evangelical group

What to do about Egypt’s sexual harassment problem

Egypt struggles mightily with sexual harassment. Nearly 100 percent of all foreigners have experienced some form of sexual harassment in the country, while Egyptian women are reporting they are catching

Egypt: Brotherhood crackdown sees more leaders arrested

Heshmat was arrested along with 12 other members, including Mohamed Sweidan, the chief administrator in the Beheira governorate.

The Truth About Christian Zionists

Why pro-Israel Christians really support the Jewish state, push for sanctions on Iran, and want the United States to stop pressuring Jerusalem

Rethinking Secularism … Rethinking Feminism By Dr. Heba Raouf Ezzat

This is not an attempt to re-invent the wheel, but rather to place the concepts within their paradigmatic context. This is to highlight the origin of dispute between the secularists

Muslims all over the world must unite and voice their objections and protest to these

The Muslim Brotherhood will not stand and witness the indecent and barbaric violations committed on the Aqsa'a sacredness; it is the duty of Muslims all over the world to unite