The appeals court has its work cut out for them with hearings, appeals and challenges

After a 60-day court’s annual vacation, The State council of the Arab Republic of Egypt will resume work on its agenda looking into urgent cases which have been on hold

Afghanistan: Obama’s Vietnam?

There's a rapidly growing discussion here in the US about "what to do in Afghanistan." Some of it is thoughtful, well-informed, and serious.

Religious Tyranny is Crumbling: Rejoice!

At a time that is marked by a dearth of justice and virtue, everyone is remonstrating with you and I am grateful to you.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Yemen’s Saada incidents

Like all Arabs and Muslims around the world, the Muslim Brotherhood has witnessed with pain and sorrow the escalation of fighting in Yemen’s Saada between the sons of the same

Electronic warfare between the Algerian and Egyptian national teams expands into piracy on the Internet

An Internet hacker who calls himself “KADER11000 Algerian Hacker” penetrated the website of the Egyptian Presidency, hacking the website of the Egyptian newspaper "Al Ahram" and causing major disruptions, according