Settling for … Settlements?

The Arabs have a saying for someone who's not getting anywhere: "He's managed to explain, after considerable strain, that water is water." And so it is with US envoy George

Egypt’s Relationship With The US Is On An Upswing Following US President Barack Obama’s Speech

Egypt’s relationship with the US is on an upswing following US President Barack Obama’s speech in Cairo on June 4 and President Hosni Mubarak’s subsequent trip to Washington, his first

What Arabs think of Obama’s Peace Prize

Obama won the award based on his alleged international efforts to forge a new world community that is not hindered by stereotypes and other remnants of the Bush administration’s antagonism

Let Me Be Clear: We Must Credit Obama for His Accomplishments

This morning, with news that our president won the Nobel Peace Prize, after being nominated ten days into his presidency, I’m sure there are a lot of folks who aren’t

A parliamentary questioning the scandal of the elimination of the Banha University Professors.

MB Mohsen Radi, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) parliamentary bloc, has ascertained that he will submit an urgent questioning on the state security's intervention to eliminate 12 prestigious

America needs ‘Moore’ Democracy

Have we learned anything in the 15-odd centuries since the fall of Rome? The oligarchs of Rome were poisoned by more than lead in their wine: selfishness and decadence, and

Pragmatic Empathy for US Enemies

A lack of empathy toward potential adversaries is as dangerous for a superpower as it is for any other country. The US should realize that even outlaws have security fears

Two Sides of the Israeli Coin

The Jewish people need to become witnesses that the shoah shall not happen again to any other people on this world. It is a crime that the Jewish people need

Egyptian Reform Activists Say U.S. Commitment Is Waning

Four months after President Obama delivered an address from Cairo in which he voiced American commitment to human rights and the rule of law, concern is mounting among Egypt's pro-reform

A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties

The following essay represents, in my opinion, the accurate and detailed plan of the present Zionist regime (of Sharon and Eitan) for the Middle East which is based on the