13 MB members from Sharqia, Suez and Gharbia detained for rallying against Israeli aggression at

Prosecution from Zagazig, Suez and Gharbia decided detaining 13 members of the Muslim Brotherhood for a further 15 days on charges of organizing and taking part in street demonstrations and

The Supreme Council Of Press In Egypt And The Ministry Of Interior In Morocco Encroach

The Arabic Network For Human Rights Information , ANHRI, strongly resents the governmental decisions taken in both Egypt and Morocco against al Balagh newspaper in Egypt and AKbar Alyoum newspaper

Abbas helps Israel bury its crimes in Gaza

Just when it seemed that the Ramallah Palestinian Authority (PA) and its leader Mahmoud Abbas could not sink any lower in their complicity with Israel's occupation of the West Bank

Don’t mess with Palestine

The Egyptian government continued its crackdown on individuals who protest in support of Palestinians on Saturday.

Abbas must go

Mahmoud Abbas’s decision to defer the adoption of the Goldstone report by the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva last week was more than an innocent diplomatic error or classical

Ashour: Israeli war created unprecedented birth deformities

Director of Al-Shifa hospital Dr. Hussein Ashour said Saturday that the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip created birth defects in newborns never seen before.

Calls for prisoners’ release

The Muslim Brotherhood and a number of domestic human rights groups have called for the release of a number of popular Brotherhood leaders after the interior ministry continues to refuse

Muslim Brotherhood slam ban on

A group of MPs and an Islamist lawyer waged an unprecedented legal battle against one of Egypt's top Imams on Saturday after he issued a ban on women wearing the

Haneyya: The real battle of the Aqsa Mosque started

Palestinian permier Ismail Haneyya stated Friday that the real battle of the Aqsa Mosque has started, calling on the Arab and Muslim nations to assume their religious and moral responsibility

Nonsense from Blair

Mondoweiss today gives us a Youtube clip of Tony Blair dodging a tough question from a University of Buffalo student about the Goldstone report.