El-Baradei reportedly gets bids from Egyptian parties to run for presidency

Moussa has won the admiration of many ordinary Arabs for his stand on issues such as the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and Iraq, notably warning Washington it would open the "gates of

Book review: Juan Cole’s “Engaging the Muslim World”

Few academics attain the kind of status that Juan Cole enjoys today. Cole's award-winning blog Informed Comment is a necessary daily stop for any serious student of the Middle East;

New Books On Hamas: Government Or Terrorist Organization?

Amid the wreckage of Gaza, Hamas's officials struggle to sound upbeat. The burly interior minister, Fathi Hamad, whose predecessor was killed by an Israeli bomb, defiantly shuns security precautions at

U.S. Interests vs. The Jewish State

Barack Obama’s recent conduct at the U.N. removed all remaining doubt as to Israeli influence inside this latest U.S. presidency.

An Appeal to the American People

Author Alan Hart opens Volume One of the American edition with an Appeal to the American People. The following is the text of it.

Egypt’s Airport Crackdown

Travis Randall called his friends briefly on September 1, to inform them of his arrival at Cairo International Airport. The excitement in his voice could easily be heard as the

Alexandria: Doctors organize rally protesting to the continued delay of pay raises

The Medical Association in Alexandria organized a silent protest on Monday in front of the Syndicate demanding the application of the second phase of the new system of wage payments

Hamas – They’re not bad, they’re just drawn that way

In many parts of the West, certain political parties or movements are treated as if they come from the Moon or are alien to any body politic. Their existence among

MB MP Ossama Gado calls for government to prosecute antiquities smuggling

MP Ossama Gado, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary bloc, called on the Ministry of Culture to disclose a network involved in the smuggling of Egyptian antiquities abroad valued

Fraud and intransparent student body elections evident in all of the Egyptian universities.

Universities and faculties all over Egypt witnessed the unjust measures where students of the MB were denied the opportunity to withdraw applications for nomination in the students body election.