Hamas and Reconciliation

The Egyptian efforts to achieve reconciliation between the Palestinian National Authority (along with the Fatah movement) and Hamas have reached their natural conclusion.

Egypt’s Opposition Muslim Brotherhood Denies Reports of Dissension

Reports of dissension in Egypt's opposition Muslim Brotherhood as well as the resignation of its leader were swiftly denied by the group's top leader.

It’s good to talk to Iran

Despite the diplomatic grandstanding over Iran's nuclear programme, the latest round of the P5+1 talks in Vienna has proven anticlimactic. Obama's groundbreaking revelation of Iran's secret Qom facility last month

Human rights activists condemn security practices against MB students.

MB students carrying banners protest and condemn the dismissal and suppression of freedoms of expression at Egyptian universities demanding investigations.

International conference discussing reform at the Arab League headquarters in Cairo.

On Monday October 19th, the Arab League headquarters in Cairo hosted an international conference discussing "the future of reform in the Islamic world" which aimed at sharing experiences with Turkish

Press conference promoting transparent elections.

A press conference has been scheduled for Sunday October 25th by the movement "Egyptians for free and proper elections" in front of the Journalists' Syndicate to announce the reasons and

8 Detention orders and complaints of harsh treatment in Dakahleya.

Mansoura prosecutors decided to renew the detention of 8 Muslim Brotherhood members a further 15 days pending investigation.

Lawyer Haitham al-Maleh referred to the Military Courts

The Syrian Human Rights Committee (SHRC) has strongly criticised the ongoing detention of the senior Syrian lawyer and human rights activist Mr. Haitham al-Maleh, and his referral to the military


Sixty years ago, the Security Council received a request of the admission of the State of "Israel" to the United Nations, where at that time it pledged to accept without

Kuwait’s Islamists and ICM stand up against parliamentary normalization with IOA

Prominent Kuwaiti parliamentary leaders, declared their intention to introduce a bill in parliament prohibiting any kind of direct or indirect relations or dealings with the Israeli occupation expressing their solidarity