Demonstrations objecting to the arrest of 8 MB students in Zagazig’s Faculty of Engineering.

Hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood Students rallied together where they circled the Faculty of Engineering chanting slogans in protest of the unjustified interference of State Security forces in affairs which didn't

The next MB’s hearing postponed to November 3 to highlight innocence of Khayrat al-Shater and

Vice chairman of the Movement Eng Khayrat al-Shater filed appeals challenging the unfair sentencing along wit 10 other members who shared the same fate. A group of distinguished and prominent

Unjust dismissal of 20 teachers in Monofeya.

Teachers were surprised to find themselves discharged by a unanimous vote by the board committee appointed by the Monofeya Governor Samy Emara. The dismissed teachers asserted that these methods were

Ben Ali’s pre-election maneuvers.

In separate remarks to"Islam Online”, experts and politicians have considered it measures by Tunisia’s ruling regime to divert the attention of the Islamists to the problem of the lack of

Postponement of appeal submitted to Court on expulsion of University Guard to December 5 Session

The Supreme Administrative Court, led by Judge Mohammed Al-Husseini, Chairman of State's Council Court, has decided to postpone an appeal filed by the Prime Minister and the President of Cairo

For the 1st time in history Court of Cessation will examine appeal filed by Al

“The military tribunal did not comply with charters set by the UN convention, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

Inauguration of Egyptians For Free and Fair Elections

Among the activists who participated in the inauguration of the "Egyptians for free and fair elections" on the steps of the Press Syndicate are the Coordinator of the Movement Counselor

The interference continues with MB students eliminated from Student Body electoral rolls of Cairo and

 Rigging of the student body elections continue where more than 40 Muslim Brotherhood students at Cairo University noticed that their names were not included in the final lists for the