Farwana: 350 Jerusalemites detained in IOA in jails without any rights

The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) is detaining 350 Jerusalemites in its jails including four females without according them any rights, Abdul Nasser Farwana, an expert in prisoners affairs, said.

Egypt: Ruling party conference ends with Brotherhood attacks

The ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) ended its 6th annual three-day conference in Cairo on Monday, with a series of bashings at the Muslim Brotherhood. The conference, which had run

A reading in Gilad Shalit’s Video

Since the airing of Gilad Shalit’s video people have been wondering about how well he looked for someone who's been in captivity for over three years.

Audit of USAID Democracy Programs in Egypt

Last week, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) released a comprehensive new report entitled, “Audit of USAID/Egypt’s Democracy and Governance Activities,” which evaluates the effectiveness of USAID’s democracy and governance

Haitham Manna’ – From Tutu to Goldstone

On September 2008 South African Bishop Desmond Tutu’s fact-finding delegation submitted to the Human Rights Council its latest report on the Israeli shelling of Beit Hanoun in the Gaza Strip

Muslim Brotherhood vs. Beyonce? Or, MB Poses No Threat to Arts

“Muslim Brotherhood Poses No Threat to Arts.” This is not of the general guide’s statements. These words uttered by the famous Egyptian actor Omar Sharif – he played the role

Engineers optimistic despite postponed hearings.

Engineers are optimistic that the judiciary will allow the engineers their due with regards to the impending verdict of the Engineers syndicate case.

Postponement: November 5 scheduled for Khayrat el-Shater and his companions appeals.

Once again prosecutors postponed the hearing of Eng. Khayrat el-Shater and his companions' appeals. A later date November 5 was scheduled demonstrating yet further injustices to the movement's deputy vice.

University’s teaching staff rally in protest to Badr’s decisions.

Over 400 of Ein Shams' University's staff will gather and rally in front of Hany Helal Minister of Higher Education's office indicating their distaste to a resolution made by the

Egyptian Intellectuals: Church of great importance to country not exclusive to particular sect.

Coptic intellectuals warned that the Egyptian church may be transformed from being a church of God into a church belonging to a very closed-minded Christian sect. He called for the